Sponsored Projects Department

The Sponsored Projects Department at Ƶapp, Manatee-Sarasota, in conjunction with the Sponsored Projects Committee, assist with the acquisition of grant funding to further the mission of the College and the achievement of its strategic plan.


  • Maintains research on potential funding sources*
  • Refers grant opportunities to potential grant developers
  • Assists with the interpretation of the grant solicitation document
  • Provide assistance to potential grant developers to enhance grant planning skills
  • Coordinates grant development team
  • Assists with effective budget development
  • Gathers institutional and other data to support the proposal
  • Provides writing, editing, and proofing assistance
  •  Assists grant project developer to seek feedback and approval from leadership
  • Prepares and submits the final grant proposal document
  • Prepares grant board items for inclusion in the BOT agenda
  • Following the receipt of a grant award, Sponsored Projects staff consults with
    grant project director and others as needed to assist with grant implementation

More Information:


Erin Buckley
Director, Sponsored Projects

Dory McQueen
Coordinator, Sponsored Projects

* NOTE: Sponsored Projects works primarily with funding from governmental agencies.

For private and corporate foundation grants, Sponsored Projects staff coordinates grant-seeking efforts with The Ƶapp Foundation, Inc. For more information, contact ƵappFoundation Executive Director Cassandra Holmes,