Emergency Procedures

The College ensures that factual and useful information is provided to Ƶappemployees, students, community and media during a time of emergency. Ƶappuses multiple forms of communication during emergenicies, including phone calls, emails and Web and social media messages, and reports provided to radio, television, online and printed media.

During an emergency that may require the temporary closing of the College, a bold message appears in red at the center of the website's home page,

Mass Notification System

SCF's emergency mass notification system sends time-sensitive messages via phone, email and text messaging within minutes to students, faculty and staff. To ensure that you receive these messages, please keep your contact information up to date in .

Follow these directions to update your email and mail addresses and phone and text messaging information. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for updates to take effect.

Emergency Guides


Active Shooter



Shelter in Place

Emergency Response Guides by Location
   ƵappLakewood Ranch

Critical Incident Management Team

SCF's Critical Incident Management Team is charged and empowered by the College president with assessing, recommending and appropriately responding to emergency situations. The first consideration is the safety of personnel and students. The next is protection of College property. The team relies on law enforcement and emergency centers to make recommendations, considering such factors as actions taken by fellow institutions and recommended or ordered by a government body. The College president is the only person authorized to cancel classes or declare a collegewide state of emergency.