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Criminal Justice [2014, 3029]

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Criminal Justice Technology [2014]

Associate in Science Degree (60 Credit Hours)

The Criminal Justice A.S. degree program prepares the student for immediate employment in law enforcement, corrections and other public and private sector related fields. This program is offered through Ƶappwith articulation available through Suncoast Technical College, formerly (SCTI) and Manatee Technical College, formerly (MTI).

Program of study includes:

  • police administration
  • criminology
  • criminal evidence and investigation
  • juvenile delinquency

Career options include:

  • social services worker
  • law enforcement management

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Criminal Justice Technology Specialist [3029]

Certificate (24 Credit Hours)

This program prepares students to work in law enforcement, corrections, private/industry security, and other criminal justice, legal or public service related fields. This certificate program is part of the Criminal Justice Technology AS degree program [2014]. The certificate consists of a sequence of courses that provides the foundational knowledge needed to continue on to an and a

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Program Manager

Dr. Michael Ryan




Students planning to pursue any degree or certificate are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor. Advisors can ensure proper course selection and program success.

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Career Pathways and Articulation

As a Sarasota or Manatee county school student, you may have taken career, technical or academy classes at your high school or technical college. Through a career pathways agreement between Ƶappand the local school districts, students can receive college credit for the work they’ve completed.