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Online learning at Ƶappis offered in a variety of academic programs. The courses cover the same material as on-campus equivalents, but the work is completed through the use of a computer, without coming to campus.

Online learning enables you to:

  • Take one or more online courses in combination with courses offered in a face-to-face environment to complete degree requirements.
  • Complete a degree in specific programs completely online.
  • Access class information and turn in assignments from home or work.  
  • Have a direct connection to online instructors and advisors to assist you with your online course needs.

Introducing Go Live with ƵappOnline!

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Go Live is an expanded online learning format providing more structure and one-on-one interaction with Ƶappprofessors and classmates. Our new format allows students to receive live lectures and have real-time question and answer sessions.

Go Live with ƵappOnline joins the existing traditional online courses where students log in and complete studies at their own pace, and a blended format that consists of online and onsite face-to-face instruction.

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Transfer and International Students

Transfer and international students have special requirements. Please use the following links to learn more.

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