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Biotechnology [2042]

Associate in Science Degree (61 Credit Hours)

The applied science of the 21st century.

SCF's biotechnology program prepares students for employment as technicians who will work in biomedical research, commercial biotechnology laboratories, and other applied areas of Biology. Additionally, students interested in pursuing research-based science and higher degrees are involved in the program.

The program emphasizes laboratory-based, hands on experience that is foundational, universal and provides students with technical skills as well as confidence and competence. Graduates will be ready to tackle a wide range of challenges in all sorts of laboratory situations and competitive academic fields. Classes are taught by faculty with biotechnology experience with a wide range of skills. The program uses experiential learning opportunities and research-oriented projects to demonstrate how science is actually done in both biotechnology laboratory settings and academic research. Graduates have secured positions at local employers and gone on to pursue higher degrees to great success.


  • Hands-on learning experience where you will learn by doing
  • Involvement in research projects at a level not usually seen at the two-year college level
  • Invaluable skills and experience that will make you successful day one on the job or in the research lab
  • The chance to be involved in the science that is changing medicine, agriculture, health care, basic research, and our understanding of the world

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Biotechnology Specialist [3028]

Certificate (19 Credit Hours)

The Biotechnology Specialist Certificate Program is designed to prepare students for employment as technicians who will work in a research laboratory or industrial setting. Students will learn important laboratory skills in classes that offer hands-on training for techniques such as DNA manipulation, protein purification, enzyme assays, and PCR design and setup.

SCF’s biotechnology specialist certificate will help you gain experience that will build poise and confidence to succeed in competitive research fields. Coursework applies toward the A.S. biotechnology degree and is an in-line certificate for those students taking part in the A.S. program.



Students planning to pursue any degree or certificate are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor. Advisors can ensure proper course selection and program success.

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Career Pathways and Articulation

As a Sarasota or Manatee county school student, you may have taken career, technical or academy classes at your high school or technical college. Through a career pathways agreement between Ƶappand the local school districts, students can receive college credit for the work they’ve completed.