Language and Literature

The  Language and Literature Department members are committed to providing our students with the language and writing skills needed to succeed in college and the workplace and with literary knowledge that will enhance their education and lives. We offer degree programs in English, English Education, Foreign Language Education, Spanish, French, German, and Rhetorical Speech and Communication.

We are committed to offering courses via eLearning to provide flexibility and access for our students.  The faculty are available to our students on campus and by e-mail.  We invite you to visit us at the Bradenton and Venice Campuses.

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The Language & Literature department runs ENC 1101, ENC 1102, and ENC 2210 every semester in many modalities and parts of term. ENC 1101 is freshman composition. ENC 1102 is the literature counterpart to Freshman Composition, Freshman Composition II, and ENC 2210 is our Professional and Technical Communication Course. We offer a Transfer Pathway for Professional and Technical Communication.


The Language & Literature department runs LIT 2000 (Introduction to Literature), a course that satisfies the state-wide Humanities requirement, every semester in a mulititude of modalities and parts of term. In addition, we offer numerous literature courses every semester in many modalities and parts of term. We also offer a Transfer Pathway in Literature. Our literature course offerings are listed below.

Our Literature Offerings:

  • AML 2010: American Literature I
  • AML 2020: American Literature II
  • AML 2600: African American Literature

  • ENL 2010: English Literature I
  • ENL 2022: English Literature II

  • LIT 2000: Introduction to Literature
  • LIT 2012: The Novel
  • LIT 2020: Short Story
  • LIT 2030: Introduction to Poetry
  • LIT 2090: Contemporary Literature
  • LIT 2110: World Literature I
  • LIT 2120: World Literature II
  • LIT 2310: Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction
  • LIT 2380: Women in Literature

Creative Writing

The Language & Literature department runs offers CRW courses in a multitude of modalities and parts of the term each semester. We offer a Transfer Pathway in Creative Writing and are completing a Creative Writing Certificate Program for our students.

Our Creative Writing Offerings are:

  • CRW 2001: Creative Writing I
  • CRW 2002: Creative Writing II
  • CRW 2003: Advanced Creative Writing Workshop
  • CRW 2200: Magazine Writing
  • CRW 2201: Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

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